WSIS caucus

September 6th 2005 – Today, two months before the World Summit on the Information Society, Serbia does not have either the Policy or the Strategy for the Information Society. Montenegro has adopted its own Strategy and on the Federal State level there are no activities in this direction. Apart from the specialized Symposiums and Seminars, there was no wider public debate on the advantages brought by the Information Society. Neither have the media recognized its role in this issue and instead of urging and reminding the actors, the media are showing either the indifference or non-understanding of their role in this process.

Stated above are the main reasons for which the Association “Equal Opportunities” has organized the 3rd Round table “The World Summit on the Information Society and gender equality“, within the scope of its activities “Gender Equality in the Development of the Information Society” and with full support of Gender Caucus of the World Summit as well as the support of companies: Telekom Srbija, JP PTT Srbija, ZJPTT, Ericsson, Telegroup, Intracom, Veratnet i Eunet.

The Round table was held on September 6th 2005 at Hotel Palace, Belgrade.