Work team for gender equality in telecommunications, according to decision of Federal Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (year 2001):

  • Dr Gospić Nataša, Montenegro Telekom
  • Nenad Stanković, Federal Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications
  • Dragana Radović, Federal Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications
  • Svetlana Popov
  • Prof Dr Đorđe Paunović, ETF, Belgrade
  • Prof Dr Branimir Reljin, ETF, Belgrade
  • Prof Dr Ljiljana Milić, ETF, Belgrade
  • Prof Dr Vera Marković, ETF, Niš
  • Dr Vladanka Aćimović-Raspopović, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
  • Milivoje Žunić, JP PTT Serbia
  • Divna Vučković, Ericsson
  • Slavica Đuranović, Montenegro Post
  • Radmila Simić, Mobtel
  • Dr Irini Reljin, PTT Higher School
  • Mr Mirjana Arsekić, ZJPTT
  • Ljiljana Janković, VF TEL
Work program

Work team will organize its activities through work in the following areas:

  1. Women in telecommunications
    • Creation of guidelines for inclusion of gender politics into telecommunications politics
    • Tracking of participation of women in telecommunications development
    • Gender statistics in universities
    • Inclusion of ITU teams into work and utilisation of results
  2. Telecommunications as a support for empowering enterpreneurship
    • Forming of ISP with content oriented towards needs of women population
    • Training for usage of ICT services
  3. Telecommunications in service for health and education
    • Creation of project task for telecenters with realization of services for telemedicine and tele-education

NGO Equal Opportunities was formed from this work team.
Next work team meeting should be held during International Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite, Cable and Broadcasting Services (TELSIKS).

Published September 2, 2001